Trade Partnership

The Perfect Partnership for your Cigarette Strategy.

King Maker’s cigarette brands of Gold Crest, Hi-Val, ACE, and Checkers are Time Tested in the market for over 20 years.

A Full Portfolio of Superior Quality Premium Tobaccos, Manufactured by one of the World’s Best.

  • Maximum trade profitability, topped with an unbeatable 100% guarantee.
  • Give your consumers choice and something to value.

KMM believes in building long-term business partnerships with our customers and we can offer our customers brand exclusivity within a reasonable territory in exchange for the commitment to market and promote the product in good faith. We believe this policy serves our mutual goals of sustainable growth and profitability.

Top 10 Reasons to partner with KMM in the Cigarette Category

  1. Our Brands Ace, Checkers, Gold Crest and Hi-Val – True value brands, serves consumers better than any other, in the cigarette category. 100% guaranteed down to pack level!
  2. Source Credibility: KMM has a proven Tobacco Pedigree
    • ITC group, KMM’s parent and exclusive supplier has been in the Tobacco Business for 105 years and one of the largest Tobacco Companies in the world. (Visit
  3. Consistent Quality: proven consumer franchise in the US for over 2 decades.
  4. Best in Class Value: The lowest pricing for a compliant cigarette (MSA Signatory, FSC / FDA Compliant) and premium quality; On average $7 per carton lower in cost than the EDLP cigarette Pall Mall.
  5. Consumer Focus: Cigarette Consumers are clearly “Value” focused; so why not give them the Best in class Value?
    • Nearly 85% of cigarette taxes are paid by consumers who make US Median Household Income or below. Real incomes have shrunk for this demographic in the last decade, while taxes have tripled and cigarette prices go up twice a year.
    • Consumers’ overall value perception of a store seriously compromised by an EDLP level pricing on the value category. Our insights to help build robust category profits while conveying best value overall, to consumers.
  6. Price consistency: KMM Price increases are rare and meaningful – bucks industry trend.
  7. POS Support: Customized POS at no cost.
  8. Promotional incentives: for store contests, visibility and loyalty programs for the Trade.
  9. A Quality US Blend: Consumer tested for over 2 decades and acknowledged as superior.
  10. A full portfolio: of brand styles available – 5 in 100s and 5 in Kings, including a Non-Filter. Menthol styles robust and a portfolio leader.

Distribution Centers

KMM distributes its products from its warehouses in Madison, IL.


KMM offers free shipping on orders of seven or more cases. Products are shipped out on the same day if the order is placed before 12:30 P.M. EST.

Payment for the product is normally made through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). We draw the money from our customers’ accounts when we receive confirmation of product delivery at the customer’s warehouse. This is subject to creditworthiness. Please contact us for further information.